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CH-RI-HS-500 (Channel Housing for CH-RI Series)
CH-RI-HS-625 (Channel Housing for CH-RI Series)
CH-RI-HS-CLIP (Channel Housing Fastener Clip for CH-RI-HS, 2 per foot)
CH-RI-HS-EC (Dead End Cap for CH-RI-HS)
CH-RI-LC-FR (Lens Cover - Frosted)
CH-RI-11-DEC (Dead End Cap for CH-RI-11)
CH-RI-11-CLIP (Spring Clip to Recessed Mount CH-RI-11 Series)
CH-RI-LC-SQ-FR (Square Lens Cover - Frosted)
CH-RI-SQ-EXT-DEC (Endcap used in conjunction with CH-RI-11/12/13 and CH-RI-LC-SQ-FR)
CH-RI-LC-RD-OP (Round Lens Cover - Matte Opal)
CH-RI-RD-EXT-DEC (Endcap used in conjunction with CH-R1-11/12/13 and CH-RI-LC-RD-OP)
CH-RI-12-DEC (Dead End Cap for CH-RI-12)
CH-RI-13-DEC (Dead End Cap for CH-RI-13)
CH-RI-CLIP (Spring Clip to Surface Mount CH-RI Series)
CH-RI-15-SQ-DEC (Square Dead End Cap for CH-RI-15)
CH-RI-15-RD-DEC (Round Dead End cap for CH-RI-15)
CH-ME-LC-FR (Lens Cover - Frosted)
CH-ME-LC-OP (Lens Cover - Matte Opal)
CH-ME-BR (Mounting Bracket to Surface Mount)
CH-ME-21-DEC (Dead End Cap for CH-ME-21)
CH-ME-21-LEC (Live End Cap for CH-ME-21)
CH-ME-22-DEC (Dead End Cap for CH-ME-22)
CH-ME-22-LEC (Live End Cap for CH-ME-22)
CH-ME-23-DEC (Dead End Cap for CH-ME-23)
CH-ME-23-LEC (Live End Cap for CH-ME-23)
CH-45DEG-BR (Mounting Bracket to Surface Mount 45 degree channel)
CH-ME-24-DEC (Dead End Cap for CH-ME-24)
CH-ME-24-LEC (Live End Cap for CH-ME-24)
CH-ME-25-DEC (Dead End Cap for CH-ME-25)
CH-ME-25-LEC (Live End Cap for CH-ME-25)
CH-SM-31-CLIP (Mounting Clip to Surface Mount CH-SM-31)
CH-SM-31-CLIP-A (Adjustable Surface Mounting Clip for CH-SM-31)
CH-SM-31-ECS (End Cap Set)
CH-SM-32-ECS (End Cap Set)
CH-SM-33-CLIP (Mounting Clip to Surface Mount CH-SM-31)
CH-SM-33-ECS (End Cap Set)
CH-SM-34-ECS (End Cap Set)
CH-SM-35-AR-ECS (End Cap Set)
CH-SM-35-TR-ECS (End Cap Set)
CH-SM-35-BR (Mounting Clip to Surface Mount)
DL-FLEX-DC6 (Clear acrylic lens to protect DL-FLEX)
DL-FLEX-FL6 (Frosted acrylic lens to protect DL-FLEX)
DL-FLEX-CH-CLIP (Mounting Clip for DL-FLEX-CH6)
DL-FLEX-CH-LE (End cap for DL-FLEX-CH6)
DL-RS-MC-1 (Mounting Clips Kit)
ACC-MT-MAG-01-SET (Magnetic Mounting Clip Set)