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A true market innovation!  The DL-AC-FLEX “INFINA” is an architectural grade, flexible, high output, 120V AC LED light strip. The “INFINA” incorporates a driverless, AC LED technology enclosed in an optically clear thermoplastic jacket.  This Driverless AC LED Technology allows for 150 foot runs and no remote power supplies are required. No in-line or remote drivers means that the weakest link in the LED system is eliminated guaranteeing a long lifetime. It also means lower upfront costs, lower installation costs and lower maintenance costs.  Made to order in precise 4” increments.  Dims with an electronic low voltage dimmer.  Indoor/Outdoor & Plug & Play/Hardwire options. 

Patent No.: US 9,671,075

Patent No.: US 9,746,144

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Input Voltage: 120V AC

Max Wattage: 4.95

Width: 7/8"

Height: 1/4"

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