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RGB Top-Bending NEON LED Outdoor Strip

Brief Specs

Top-Bending NEON Accessories
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A complete selection of hardwire and plug & play accessories for outdoor applications.

RGB Top-Bending Flexible LED Neon Accessories

A complete selection of hardwire and plug & play drivers for indoor and outdoor applications.

24V Power Supplies

Choice of recessed and surface mounted channels and lenses for any application.

Top-Bending LED Flexible Neon page

Remote power for stand-alone exhibits, kiosks, and gondolas, both permanent and temporary.

Portable Power System


Color Changing Top-Bending NEON LED Outdoor Strip

Need text editDL-FLEX2-LNTB is JESCO Lighting’s state-of-the-art top-bendable flexible LED Neon light. Constant current IC-chips ensure consistent lumen output from the start of the run all the way to the end. Advanced silicone extrusion process during production results in a sleek appearance, high flexibility, high impact resistance, and high weather resistance. The tape is field-cuttable with visible cutting marks at the back.
Injection-molded end caps and power feed results in IP 65 rating for both indoor and outdoor applications. Dimmable with a variety of dimming options. Multiple surface mounting options available: bracket, mounting clip, or aluminum channel. Can be purchased by the foot or by the reel. If purchased by the reel, silicone glue, and caps and power feeds need to be purchased. Multiple wiring methods available: tail-side, edge-side, bottom-side. Sold by the foot or in reels of 30 feet.

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Ordering Information

Model CCT
DL-FLEX2-LNTB RGB – Color Changing

Note: when purchasing reels add -30FT to the end of the part number

Spec Overview

Input24V DC
Wattage4.27 W/Ft
Lumen98 Lm/Ft
Efficacy60.1 Lm/W
Max Run16.4'
Cut Length~2"
Dimensions⅝″W × ⅝″H
Beam Angle120°
ControlsRGB, RGBW
LM8050,000 hours
EnvironmentDry, Damp, and Wet location IP65