4W Constant Current No-Pixel
Flexible Continuous LED Strip

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4W Constant Current No-Pixel Flexible Continuous LED Strip

DL-FLEX2-NPX is the perfected flexible LED strip.

  • Constant current IC component ensures consistent color temperature and even light output from the start to the end of the run without any voltage drop.
  • A continuous band of flawless non-pixelated light output with no hot spots, even if installed without a lens.
  • 3-Step MacAdam LED binning for uniformity in both color and intensity.
  • Gold-plated solder pads provide exceptional electrical connectivity and are corrosion-free.
  • Industry-leading 3oz. PCB thickness ensures optimal thermal management and durability.
  • Field-cuttable.
  • Cut-ends can be linked with connectors. No soldering is required.
  • Easy installation with 3M® adhesive backing.
  • Dimmable with TRIAC, ELV, 0-10V, and RF using JESCO’s various dimming options.
  • Extensive selection of aluminum mounting channels and lens options.
  • Each reel comes with an input hardwire power connector pre‑assembled to one end of the reel.
  • TUYA and CASABI ready.
  • California JA8 Title 24 compliant.

Ordering Information

Series Model Watt CCT
DL-FLEX2 NPXCC – No-Pixel CC 4W – 4 Watt 2790 – 2700K 90CRI
      3090 – 3000K 90CRI
      3590 – 3500K 90CRI
      4090 – 4000K 90CRI

Note: Order in increments of 1 Ft. or by the reel.
When purchasing reels add -20FT to the end of the part number.
See spec sheet for more info.

Spec Overview

Input24V DC
CCTs2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
Watts4.3 W/Ft
Lumen378 Lm/Ft
Efficacy88 Lm/W
Max Run / Min Cut20' / 1"
Dimensions⁷/₁₆" L × ⅛" W
Beam Angle120°
Color Consistency3 Steps MacAdam
Dimming0-10V, MLV, ELV, TRIAC, CL, CASAMBI ready
LM7050,000 hours
EnvironmentIndoor - Damp

Accessories & Connectors

Plug and Play Power Cord
Length: 12″


Hardwire Power Cord
Length: 40″, 79″

Connecting Cable
Connects strip to strip
Length: 6″


(sold separately through
a third party)