Simple Wall Mounted DMX Controller

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Simple Wall Mounted DMX Controller
  • Simple wall mount DMX controller with a touch-sensitive glass faceplate
  • Touchscreen features 3 modes: color selection, scene selection, and dimmer mode
  • Best for single RGB lighting systems
  • Architectural lighting control programmed via software installed in a computer
  • 16 million colors to program
  • User can create their own scenes, color changes, fades
  • Can control multiple lighting systems independently or simultaneously
  • Supplied with 5V DC hardwire power supply

Spec Overview

No. of Scenes24
Dimensions3 ⅜"L × 3 ⅜"W × ⁷⁄₁₆"H
EnvironmentIndoor - dry

Accessories & Components

LC-300-INT DMX Interface

Interfaces are required to assign DMX addresses and work in tandem with the DMX controller.
Repeaters are an option for extending runs for dimming or color changing.

DMX Accessories