Basic Radio Frequency RGB & RGBW Remote Controller


Basic Radio Frequency RGB & RGBW Remote Controller
  • Touch wheel for RGB and RGBW control
  • 4 controllable zones
  • Pre-set color-changing modes
  • Brightness control
  • Max one per location and cannot be synchronized with one another
  • Does not require line-of-sight
  • Remote receiver included
  • Requires DL-PS plug & play power supply

Spec Overview

Controller Operating Voltage2 x AAA batteries (not included)
Receiver Operating Voltage12-24V DC
Maximum Ouput240 Watts
Output per Channel144W / 6A
Working Frequency2.4 GHz
Receiver Dimensions3 ⁵⁄₁₆" L × 1 ¾" W × ⅞" H
Remote Distance98.4 ft. max
EnvironmentIndoor - dry

Accessories & Components

LC-RF-450 RGBW Remote Controller

A radio frequency receiver is provided with the controller