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MAGNETRAX™ MINI High Output Track

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MMT-HTRK Accessories

A complete selection of hardwire and plug & play drivers for indoor and outdoor applications.

24V Power Supplies

Remote power for stand-alone exhibits, kiosks, and gondolas, both permanent and temporary.

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Mini  Magnetic Lightbars



(Special Order Item)

MAGNETRAX™ Mini “brings back the fun to functional”.

Our discreet, low-profile magnetic track can be mounted horizontally or vertically anywhere where light is needed.

The standard length is 78.7″ and is field-cuttable. Multiple tracks can easily be connected together.

Our specifically designed accessory system allows for either direct or magnetically attached power feeds and connectors supporting a myriad of design patterns – stand-alone, long linear runs or angled installation with direct L connectors or bridged with side- or end-feed cable connectors magnetically connected.

The MMT-HTRK High Output track allows for the use of higher output spots as well as the standard 1W, 2W, and 3W

Click on the High Output Mini Spots tab to select an adjustable 6W or 10W LED mini-trackhead that also offers the ability to focus the light beam from 20° to 60° with an easy twist of the shade.

Click on the Mini Spots tab to select from a wide range of fixed or adjustable LED mini-trackheads and the linear lightbars in multiple sizes and output that simply click and move anywhere along the track.

Click on Mini Lightbars tab to select linear lightbars with 30° Spots or 120° Diffused light – direct or angled 45°.

Click on the Component & Accessories tab to select either direct or end-/side-feed cable power connectors.

Click on the 24V Power Supplies tab to select the best driver for your application or the Portable Power tab for a selection of portable battery packs.

MAGNETRAX can also be used as part of our SMART TRACK adjustable power system for all of JESCO’s 24V rigid and flexible linear products when used in conjunction with adjustable shelving systems.

Special Order Item. Consult Factory.

Ordering Information

Model Length Finish
MMT-HTRK* 60 – 59.1″ BK – Black
  20 – 19.7″* WH – White*
  40 – 39.4″*  

* Contact factory for details

Spec Overview

Input24V DC
Dimensions**0.78" W × 0.4" H
Max Load**5A, 120W per track, power feed and connector
EnvironmentIndoor - dry
Limited Warranty5 years