Retro Pendant with Low Profile Round Ceiling Canopy and 70″ Nylon Braided Cable


Retro Pendant with Low Profile Round Ceiling Canopy and 70" Nylon Braided Cable

This minimalistic pendant is reminiscent of incandescent fixtures first introduced by Thomas Edison in the late 1800s. An open, vintage-style lamp housed in an industrial-designed, machined-finished socket housing and hung by a vintage black cloth cable is a defining statement of the “form meets function” ethos.

While nodding to the past, the fixture also encompasses the future by incorporating the latest in LED technology. The medium based, vintage-style lamp warmly and charmingly glows due to microscopic LEDs that are combined to form a looped and delicate-looking “filament”. Gone is the use of inert gases and gone are the shortcomings of incandescent lamps only converting 5% of the energy they use into visible light. These LED lamps are bright and energy-efficient as well as beautiful. The series offers a range of vintage, vintage-style lamp shapes to meet any design needs.

The socket housing is machined and finished in a Graphite finish with either Antique Nickel or Brass accents. Hanging along a bar or over a table, your overall lighting design will decide if the fixtures become a conversation piece or simply add a warm glow to accent the overall look of a space.

Choose your lamp preference to create a customized look.

Ordering Information

Model Finish
PD465 GPAN – Graphite with Antique Nickel Accent
GPBR – Graphite with Brass Accent

Spec Overview

Input120V AC
Wattage 60W max
SocketE26 medium base
Lamp(sold separately)
Cable Length70" braided black nylon cord
Dimensions³²⁄₃₂" W × 3 ¹³⁄₁₆" H
Canopy4 ½" Ø
EnvironmentIndoor - dry



Select from a variety of vintage-style LED lamps. (Sold separately)

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