3.5" Round Adjustable
LED Recessed Downlight 15W 897Lm
RLET-P351 + RLH-P351

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RLET-P351 + RLH-P351

3.5" Round Premier Adjustable LED Recessed Downlight 15W 897Lm

Designed for new construction architectural applications, this 3 ½” architectural-grade LED downlight is available in 15W in IC and Non-IC configurations. It is designed with a high lumen, COB LED, and available with three different beam angles, and four different trims – fixed, aimable beam, aimable pinhole, and wallwash. The integrated high-efficacy LED, combined with the dimmable driver and high-transmission optical diffuser ensures a uniform light output.

Fixed & Aimable Downlight Light Engine Ordering Information

Model Type CCT/CRI* Beam Angle Trim Option
RLET-P351 FX-15 – Fixed Downlight 2790 – 2700K 90CRI N – 15° HZWH – Haze Reflector White Trim
AB-15 – 30° Aimable 3090 – 3000K 90CRI M – 24° WHWH – Haze Reflector White Trim
3590 – 3500K 90CRI W – 38°
WW-15 – Wall Washer 4090 – 4000K 90CRI F – Wallwash
AP-15 – Aimable Beam Pinhole P – Pinhole WHWH – Haze Reflector White Trim

* Consult Factory for 80 CRI.

New Construction Frame Ordering Information

Model Wattage Mounting Frame Option
RLH-P351 – 3.5” Round Premier 15 – 15W N – Non-IC Rated Flat Frame EM – Optional Emergency Battery
    NIC – IC Rated Flat Frame with Box  

Spec Overview

Input120V or 277V AC
CCTs2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
Lumens896.8 Lm @4000K
Efficacy59.8 Lm/W
Dimensions4 ½" Ø x 5 ⅝" H
Ceiling Cutout4 ¹⁄₁₆"Ø
Beam Angle15° (N), 24° (M), 38° (W), Pinhole (P), Wall Wash (F)
DimmingTRIAC, ELV, CFL/LED, 0-10V (see specs)
LM8050,000 hours
EnvironmentIndoor - dry, damp


4" Premier Round Fixed Downlight Trim

Fixed Downlight Round Trim

4" Premier Round Aimable Beam Trim

Aimable Beam Round Trim

4" Premier Round Pinhole Trim

Pinhole Round Trim

4" Premier Round Wall Wash Trim

Wall Wash Round Trim