6″ Residential New Construction AC LED
Downlight with Integral JB


6" Residential AC LED IC Rated New Construction
Downlight with Integral Junction Box

JESCO’s downlight with an integral junction box eliminates the need for a bulky traditional downlight housing. A 6” downlight with the latest LED technology that can be easily installed anywhere power can be supplied – including shallow ceilings. The unique design allows the fixture to be installed in insulated or non-insulated ceilings, wet, damp, or dry environments. Incorporating JESCO’s exclusive Driverless AC LED technology and patent-pending inrush current protection, the high lumen 12.5 W COB produces a similar light output to that of a 65W PAR 38 or 23W CFL. Our LED downlight operates directly from an AC source eliminating the need for an additional driver. It can be dimmed by most standard incandescent, electronic or magnetic low voltage and CFL/LED dimmers.
Without the need for the traditional LED driver, years of reliable and energy-saving service can be expected.

Ordering Information

Model Wattage Wiring Type CCT Trim Finish
RLH-60 12 – 12.5W JB – Integral Junction Box NIC – New Construction IC Rated 2790 – 2700K 90CRI WHWH – Integral White Baffle
        3090 – 3000K 90CRI *  
        3590 – 3500K 90CRI  
        4090 – 4000K 90CRI  
        2780 – 2700K 80CRI *  
        3080 – 3000K 80CRI *  
        4080 – 4000K 80CRI *  

* Consult factory for anailability

Spec Overview

Input120V AC
CCTs2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
Lumen795 Lm @4000K
Efficacy64 Lm/W @4000K
Beam Angle97°
Dimensions7 ⅜" L × 7 ⅛" W × 3 ⅞" H
Ceiling Cutout5 ½" Ø
Trim OptionsIntegral White Smooth Baffle / White Trim
LM8050,000 hours
EnvironmentIndoor - Dry, Damp, Wet

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