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RADIANZ Customizable Linear Series (3/4″Ø)


RADIANZ Customizable Linear Series (3/4" Ø)

The SD100 is a high output LED fixture mounted with the use of brackets or clips. The fixture features a sleek diameter of 3/4″. Available in standard nomimal lengths of 12″, 24″, 36″ and 48″. The SD183 fixture length may be custom ordered. For long lengths, an additional power supply may be required – consult factory. Standard in Silver finish. Custom finishes available. The fixture rotates 90° and includes a frosted lens cover that reduces glare.

Ordering Information

Model Power Voltage Length* CCT / CRI Finish*
SD100CV 6 – 6.5W/ft 24V – 24V 12L – 12″ 2790 – 2700K, 90CRI SV – Silver
  8 – 8W/ft   24L – 24″ 3090 – 3000K, 90CRI BK – Black**
      36L – 36″ 4090 – 4000K, 90CRI PS – Polished Silver**
      48L – 48″ 5090 – 5000K, 90CRI BR – Brass**
      xx – Custom*   BZ – Bronze**
          WH– White**

* Custom lengths are available up to 120in. Custom finish available. Contact factory.
** Custom – contact factory.

Accessories & Components

0-90° Machined Mounting Brackets
0° Mounting Snap-in Clips
24V Power Supplies
Power Accessories
Power Track System
Portable Power System


0-90° Machined Mounting Brackets
(set of two – same finish as fixture)

0° Mounting Snap-in Clips
(set of two – aluminum finish)

A complete selection of hardwire and plug & play drivers for indoor applications.

24V Power Supplies

A complete selection of plug & play and hardwire accessories for indoor applications.

Plug & Play accessories

Hardwire accessories

Slidable power feeds for distributing power to low voltage fixtures mounted to adjustable shelving. 

Smart Track System

Remote power for stand-alone exhibits, kiosks, and gondolas, both permanent and temporary.

Portable Power System


Input24V DC
Wattage6.5 or 8.0W/Ft
CCTs2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
Lumens525 Lm/Ft @6.5W
Lumens650 Lm/Ft @8W
Efficacy81 Lm/W
Beam90°, also rotates 90°
Fixture Diameter¾" Ø
LM8050,000 hours
EnvironmentIndoor - dry