Smart Track

ST Series – Smart Track Power System

What is it used for?

The Smart Track is an adjustable power system for our popular DL-FLEX, S700 and S601P LED fixtures.

What is unique about it?

The power system is unique due to the sliding power outputs and the overall minimal size of the system.
The system consists of an Input Power Feed which is connected to a remote plug-in power supply, a 4- or 5-foot track, and slidable Output Power Feeds which connect to the LED fixtures with different length connecting cables. The slidable Output Power Feeds simply snap onto the Smart Track and allow for easy adjustments during installation and post-installation when used in conjunction with adjustable shelving.
Smart Track has a very low profile making it relatively invisible when mounted either on the wall surface or inside a routed channel next to adjustable shelf standards.

Can I control it?

Most applications call for a simple remote on/off switch. For applications requiring dimming, the  LFLEX and S601 can be dimmed depending on the type of power supply used with the system. Consult the fixture and power supply specification sheets for more information.

What is the standard operating voltage?

The Smart Track system is a 24V system. The max load allowed is 100W for the Power Track itself and individual runs are determined by the type of LED fixture used.

Can I cut the track?

Yes, the Smart Track can easily be field cut. The mounting clips, ST-MC-CL, found at each of the track will cover the cut end.

What if I need a longer track length?

In order to accommodate taller spaces, two lengths of 4 or 5-foot track can be combined. You must order the ST-PF-O-CC2-WH connecting cable and two ST-PF-O-WH Output Power Feeders to make the jump between track lengths

How do I adjust the Output Power Feeds?

The Output Power Feeds easily slide up and down the Smart Track system. No tools are required to fix or loosen the feeds in order to change their location. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with adjustable shelves for quick placement.

What are the recommended applications for the Smart Track?

The Smart Track power system works well in any retail, commercial or residential environment especially when shelves are constantly being adjusted. The DL-FLEX and S601 LED fixtures offer a super-slim profile and high lumens for any under-shelf application. They also offer very long life and maintain their integrity even when being constantly moved. The Smart Track system is relatively invisible when mounted either on a wall surface or inside a routed channel next to adjustable shelf standards on walls or gondola shelf displays.

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