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1 800 527 7796 (NY)  ●  1 855 654 0110 (LA) info@jescolighting.com Customer Portal
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INFINA 2.0 – Our Advanced 120V AC Flexible Strip

INFINA® 2.0 is the next generation of our market-leading, specification-grade, high color accuracy 120V AC flexible lighting system. Up to 164 foot run lengths and specified in increments as small as 3″. No other AC LED strip offers the full complement of options and accessories. Match that with our long history with AC LEDs for you to call on when needed during your design process makes INFINA the go-to AC strip.

Available in six new styles:

  • Ultra-High Output
  • JA8/California Title 24 Approved
  • Full Spectrum with 95+ CRI
  • RGBW color controllable
  • EB – our economically priced version for jobs with tighter pricing but less stringent specifications
  • Canadian listed

See product page


FLEXTILE™ is a fully modular flexible LED sheet to backlight displays, light boxes, showcases, billboards, letters, logos; translucent materials such as acrylic, stone, and glass; or used as a photographic light. Static White, Color Tunable, RGB and RGBW. Cut vertically, horizontally or along a 45° angle. A market-leading LED density of 1 every inch with 288 LEDs per 24″ × 12″ sheet. The high pitch of LEDs allows for very close placement of translucent materials thereby saving space and eliminating concerns of hotspots. See product page


The flexible LED strip…perfected. A continuous band of flawless light output with no pixelated hot spots – even without a lens. This COB strip features solder pads that are gold plated providing exceptional electrical connectivity and are corrosion free. 3-Step MacAdam LED binning, 2oz. PCB thickness for optimal thermal management and 90+ CRI bring it all together smoothly.  See product page

DL-FLEX2-NPX - No-Pixel NPX Strip

Mini Magnetic Track System

MAGNETRAX™ MINI “brings back the fun to functional”

The low-profile MAGNETRAX MINI Magnetic Track System can be mounted horizontally or vertically in a stand-alone case or built-in cabinets and shelves. Attaching magnetically to the track, a wide range of fixed or adjustable LED mini-trackheads and linear lightbars simply click anywhere along the track. All the diminutive trackheads and light bars, powered magnetically, can easily be moved as the contents of the display change over time – no need to worry about costly rewiring.  See product page

Mini Magnetic Showcase Display System

MAGNETRAX™ MINI Magnetic Showcase Series is a system of Light Bars providing 120° of evenly diffused light or focused 20° spots that may be linked in many configurable patterns to flawlessly and discreetly light many types of displays – allowing the product to be the focus. Light Bars can be standalone or coupled to form L’s, U’s and complete, closed rectangles or squares by using the L-connectors.

The Light Bars are available in standard lengths of 1′, 2′, 3′ and 4′ but are also quickly made to order in any length up to 57″ in 2 ⅜” increments. Mount directly to a surface or offset a tabletop, shelf or wall with the use of stems cut-to-size up to 24″.

The Light Bars attach and are powered magnetically making installation simple and quick. The Light Bars also rotate 360° after installation making the aiming of a display precise as well as easy.  

See product page

Smart Track 2 – Magnetic Power System for Adjustable Shelves

Our mini-magnetic track may also be used to power other JESCO low voltage flexible and rigid fixtures.

The unique MMT-ST Magnetic Smart Track utilizes the easily movable power feeds for distributing power to JESCO’s DL‑FLEX2, S700, S602P, S601P, S601, and CBF series of LED fixtures without concern of wire management. The magnetic power feeds allow for easy adjustments during installation and post-installation when used with adjustable shelving.

The field-cuttable MMT-ST Smart Track has a very low profile making it relatively invisible when mounted either on the shelf wall surface or inside a routed channel next to adjustable shelf standards. See product page

DL-FLEX2-UP-3D – 3D Bendable Flexible LED Strip

JESCO Lighting’s DL-FLEX2-UP-3D is a flexible LED strip that is bendable in both horizontal and vertical planes.  The strip is ideal for intricate shapes and turns – as found in backlighting applications such as signage lettering. See product page

DL-FLEX2-LR62 – Long Run Flexible LED Strip

A flexible LED strip that can be powered by just one 96W driver for an extra long run of 62′ 4″ – allowing for an easy and space saving installation in coves, under cabinets and more. On-board voltage regulators throughout the run mean no voltage drop. The strip is field-cuttable every 1 ⁵⁄₁₆” for shorter runs. Cut ends can be linked with connectors (sold separately).  The tape is dimmable using JESCO’s various dimming options. See product page

DL-FLEX2-DTW – DIM to Warm LED Strip

Dim-to-Warm LED strip smoothly mimics the dimming curve of an incandescent lamp as it is dimmed. At full brightness, the LED strip has a CCT 0f 3000K. As the strip is dimmed, the color changes to a warmer tone, reaching as low as a CCT of 1800K. Simple wiring using only a JESCO 0-10V dimmable driver – the intelligent circuit design eliminates the need for any additional controllers. The LED strip is field-cuttable every ~2″ for shorter runs. See product page


SEAMLESS™ is our premier LED linear fixture. Linkable end-to-end with no dark spots, even at the link points. Lit corner connectors available in L, T and X styles as well as inside- and outside-facing. Uniform light output. SEAMLESS allows for intricate & complex layouts free from any break in the flow of light. Available in seven standard lengths and four CCT options. Integral magnets at the back of every fixture for mounting.  See product page

LED Driver + In-Wall Dimmer Switch Combo

LED Driver + In-Wall Dimmer Switch in one unit simplifies LED installation by eliminating compatibility issues between driver and dimmer. Fits in a standard recessed electrical box. 0% – 1% smooth dimming. No minimum load. Single pole preset dimmer with on/off push switch. Adjustable voltage output dial to address voltage drop. Three faceplates included: Glossy White, Glossy Light Almond, and Glossy Dark Brown (trim plates not included).  See product page

RLF3000 – Indirect Downlight

The Indirect Downlight’s engineered dome design & high output LEDs positioned pointing upward, provide a perfectly diffused light output and eliminate glare. Can-less design for easy installation in tight plenum spaces. CRI > 90 to bring out the true colors of any object. Easy installation with mouse-trap spring clips for remodel applications. Air Tight and JA8/T24 approved.  See product page


ASURE-GRIP TB screw-down connectors for our 8mm and 10mm DL‑FLEX2 flexible LED strips provide for connections that are durable and ultra-secure. Five connection styles: Hardwire; Plug & Play; Tape-to-Tape with 12” cable; Tape-to-Tape Direct I; and Tape-to-Tape Direct L.  See product page


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