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My.Suit Store New York City, NY

Lighting throughout both stores is biased towards Minimalist-design. “But at the same time, it had to be especially functional as well as energy saving,” Kim remarks. “Managers at the stores were very critical in lighting selection. They wanted to show suit fabrics in true colors so there would be no color problems later when customers ordered suits especially at night time. Lighting selected by Kim and by Ryoko Nakamura are highly energy-saving white LEDs in linear arrays; MR-16-type LEDs in round fixture designs; and low-watt, dual-lamp, aimable metal halide fixtures whose emitted light is close to natural daylight. All were evenly mixed and arranged throughout the new stores for more a natural color rendition. All were able to be specified, ordered and seen the Manhattan showroom of JESCO Lighting, whose U.S. plant is also in New York City.

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