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Track Systems

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JESCO’s modular system of engineered, interlocking track and connectors allows for the maximum design flexibility for any retail, commercial or residential application, for either new construction or retrofit projects. Made of extruded aluminum, our low-profile track forms the ultra-strong backbone of any system. Rigid whether surface mounted, recessed mounted or suspended from a ceiling. The track features thermoplastic insulators and three #12 AWG solid copper conductors.

The track is compatible with all our JESCO Single Circuit H and J track lighting fixtures, our Single and Two-Circuit H2 and J2 track lighting fixtures as well as other brands. Available in three styles – Single Circuit H1-type, Single Circuit J1-type, and Two-Circuit J2-type.

The Two-Circuit J2-type track allows for the application of two separate switches on a single run providing greater on/off or dimming control as well as design flexibility.

Power is easily fed to the track with either a standard End Feed, an End Feed with an Outlet Box Cover, an End Feed for Conduit or a T-Bar Feed. Connection possibilities are endless with choice of a mini I-Joiner, a flexible I-Joiner, an adjustable I- or L-Connector, a T-Connector or an X-Connector. Track can also be pendant mounted from the ceiling using Suspension Stems with lengths up to 48”. Sloped ceilings are also accommodated with use of adaptors. Designed for effortless installation and built to last, JESCO’s track will meet or exceed your design needs.