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LIN LED Linear System Direct & Direct/Indirect

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The LIN Series is a versatile linear lighting system offering a modern aesthetic with a uniform light distribution that meets all your design needs – whether your space requires a fixture that is pendant mounted, surface mounted, wall-mounted or a combination.

This series features a sleek and extra-rigid extruded aluminum housing that serves as the backbone of the LIN system in 8′, 4′ and even 2′ lengths. Fixtures may be easily connected to form long, linear runs. With the use of pre-assembled lit X, L and T connectors, multiple lengths can be combined to create intricate patterns and forms.

The aluminum housing encases the latest LED technology and provides a high efficacy of up to 134 Lm/W while maintaining a uniform brightness across the entire run with no hotspots, dark spots or light leaks. The LIN fixtures employ high output, 90+ CRI LEDs binned to a 3-Step MacAdam ellipse to ensure the highest color rendering – especially important for any color-critical applications like retail, office, hospitality, library, galleries or architectural residential spaces. The LIN Series is DLC listed.

Color temperature is easily selectable between 3000K/3500K/4000K and can be changed post-installation should the wall finish, floor treatment, or interiors of the space change in the future.

The LIN series offers a full complement of accessories for mounting, powering, connecting and hanging – making installation for a pendant, surface or wall applications effortless. A hook and clamp mechanism makes locking interconnected linear lengths and optional connectors simple, rigid and, most importantly, straight.

The pendant and wall versions have the added option of two different types of light partitioning: direct 100% down light or direct/indirect with 75% down and 25% up light distribution. 0-10V dimming allows for precise light levels or may be tied into sensors such as vacancy sensors for maximum control.

Available in White, Black and Silver, the LIN Series affords the designer the ability to build any shape or form using the lit connectors to compose the perfect way to light any space.

Let LIN provide the means to achieve your design inspirations. Let us provide any layout assistance.