GV501 GV502 GV503


Hand-blown Mirrored Recycled Glass Vessels

GV501 (large), GV502 (medium) and GV503 (small) are hand-blown decorative tabletop “vessel” accessories made from recycled glass cola bottles. Manufactured in Mexico, used bottles are collected, crushed and transformed into molten glass and shaped into spheres. Each sphere is then collapsed into itself to form a bowl and, finally, coated to achieve a stunning mirror finish. Dimensions may vary slightly as each piece is individually hand-blown. A companion piece to QAP501/502/503 low volt pendant.

Ordering Information

Model Glass
GV501 – Large CH – Chrome
GV501 – Medium CC – Chocolate
GV501 – Small PU – Purple

Spec Overview

Dimensions 10" Ø × 6" H (GV501)
8" Ø × 5" H (GV502)
6" Ø × 4" H (GV503)