MAGNETRAX™ MINI Magnetic Display System

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MAGNETRAX™ MINI “brings back the fun to functional”

The MAGNETRAX MINI system allows designers to select the ideal lighting for their display application with a discreet, low-profile and customizable system allowing the product on display to take center stage.

The low-profile MMT Magnetic Track System can be mounted horizontally or vertically in a stand-alone case or built-in cabinets and shelves. Attaching magnetically to the track, a wide range of fixed or adjustable LED mini-trackheads and linear Light Bars simply click anywhere along the track. All the diminutive trackheads, powered magnetically, can easily be moved as the contents of the display change over time – no need to worry about costly rewiring.

The MSD Showcase is a system of Light Bars providing 120° of evenly diffused light or focused 20° spots that may be linked in many configurable patterns to flawlessly and discreetly light many types of displays – allowing the product to be the focus. Light Bars may be mounted either directly to a surface or offset a tabletop, shelf or wall with the use of stems cut-to-size up to 24″.  Select lengths of the Light Bars up to 57″ in 2 ⅜” increments. Light Bars can be standalone or coupled to form L’s, U’s and complete closed rectangles or squares by using L-connectors. The Light Bars attach and are powered magnetically making installation simple and quick. The Light Bars also rotate 360° after installation making the aiming of a display precise as well as easy.

The unique MMT-ST Magnetic Smart Track utilizes the easily movable power feeds for distributing power to JESCO’s DL-FLEX2, S700, S602P, S601P, S601, and CBF series of LED fixtures without concern of cable management. The magnetic power feeds allow for easy adjustments during installation and post-installation when used with adjustable shelving.

All the parts are quick-shipped and ready to be easily installed in any showcase, display, shelf or cabinet.  JESCO offers free design assistance for this any other of our product lines.