LED Track Heads

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JESCO’s latest COB LED track head designs to employ advanced-design components for premium efficacy and even heat distribution for long life. Track heads range in a wide array of wattages, lumen output, and lamp sources to meet any design needs. Our new LED track heads feature: an L70 lifespan of 50,000 hours and a 5 year warranty; 3-Step MacAdam COB LEDs which eliminate the concerns of binning and color inconsistency issues found in the market in which 4- to 7-Step MacAdam LEDs are the norm; many of the fixtures employ our H2-, J2- and L2-type track adaptor making for an easy installation in either a Single or a Two-Circuit track system.

The L516 offers field-replaceable lenses that allow for the selection of specific beam angles as well as choices in color temperatures and CRI.

Our newest track heads feature adapters that allow for easy installation into either a single circuit or two circuit track system. By simply adjusting the position of the metal tab on the adapter up or down, prior to insertion, you can select which circuit the fixture will be powered on.