NPX – No-Pixel Flexible Continuous LED Strips


JESCO’s latest offering of NPX Series of Flexible LED Strip provides a continuous band of flawless light output with no pixelated hot spots, even when installed without a lens. This game-changing continuous LED strip is available in various styles:

DL-FLEX2-NPX – Our original continuous nonpixelated NPX in 10mm width.

DL-FLEX2-NPXSL – Ultra-slim NPX in a mere 4.5mm width for inconspicuous installation in the smallest of spaces.

DL-FLEX2-NPXCC – Constant Current NPX ensures consistent color temperature and even light level from the start to the end of the run without any voltage drop. Offered in various wattages and lumen outputs.

DL-FLEX2-NPX-TW – With our vast array of controllers, the Tunable White provides any white color temperature from 2700K to 6500K.

DL-FLEX2-NPX-RGB – Controllable with RGB and DMX Controls, the non-pixelated RGB tape can be dialed in to any desired color, providing a high level of customization to match any corporate color or setting the mood in any retail, hospitality or residential projects.

DL-FLEX2-NPXWET – NPX with IP65 rating for outdoor applications.

DL-FLEX2-NPXWET-RGB – IP65 Outdoor rated, this non-pixelated NPX is controllable with RGB and DMX Controls to achieve any desired color for interior and exterior applications.