Extruded Channels

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JESCO offers an extensive range of mounting channel extrusions for almost any application need – Surface Mounted, Recessed Mounted, or Roughed-In Ceiling and/or Walls. To create an architectural feature using light as an element in a space, select one of three new CH-RI channels which can be roughed into a ceiling or wall or, for even easier installation with the FLEX pre-installed, can be inserted into an engineered ½” or ⅝” drywall rough‑in channel. Select a simple channel to pre-mount FLEX

product for easy installation in tight areas in the ceiling or select an MDF channel for easy painting to match the mounting area.

We offer a variety of channels of different depths to meet your design requirements. Many of the extrusions are available with flanges making recessing simple and neat. Lenses are available in a variety of options. Contact our Support Department for questions or design layout assistance.