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Custom Lighting Without the Custom Cost!

To make your LED strip and channel selection process, as well as your installation process, extremely quick and simple, we offer our made-to-order Bespoke CBF Linear LED Fixture Series.

  1. Select one of our popular channel profiles.
  2. Select a high density LED light strip which boasts no lens hotspots when lit.
  3. Select a lens type.
  4. Determine the overall length of the fixture. Depending on the LED style selected, available in increments of ⅜” , 1″ or 2″.
  5. Lastly, select the input and output connecting cables in any type and lengths required.

We do all the work – quickly providing a finished fixture to your jobsite ready to install.

Besides these specific fixtures, you can mix and match all our LED strips and channels to make any customized fixture you would like. Contact us for assistance.