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Regressed Micro Eyeball


Regressed Micro Eyeball

The SD112CC series is a set of high-output LED fixtures for mounting inside display cabinets, counters, or shelves. The fixtures are recessed-mounted using spring clips, eliminating the need for any tools. Fixtures are customizable with different finishes, beam angles, and CCTs. The SD1XXCC features an adjustable head with two different profiles – SD112 (recessed ball) and the SD120 (mini snoot). All the fixtures include a 57” 24AWG lead wire exiting the unit with a type G plug at the end.

Ordering Information

Model Power Beam Angle CCT / CRI Finish
SD112CC 1W – 1.0W 25D – 25° 3090 – 3000K, 90CRI SLV – Silver
    35D – 35°* 4090 – 4000K, 90CRI BLK – Black*
    45D – 45°*    

* Custom option – contact factory.

Accessories & Components

350mA Power Supplies
Power Accessories
Power Track System
Portable Power System

A complete selection of hardwire and plug & play drivers for indoor applications.

350mA Power Supplies

A complete selection of plug & play and hardwire accessories for indoor applications.

Constant Current Power Accessories

Slidable power feeds for distributing power to low voltage fixtures mounted to adjustable shelving. 

Smart Track System

Remote power for stand-alone exhibits, kiosks, and gondolas, both permanent and temporary.

Portable Power System


Input350 mA / 3V DC
CCTs3000K, 4000K
Lumens80 Lm @4000K
Efficacy80 Lm/W
Beam25°/ 35° / 45°
Adjustable aim40°
Dimensions1 ⁹⁄₁₆" Ø × 1" H
LM8050,000 hours
EnvironmentIndoor - dry, damp