3.5" Dim-to-Warm Specification Downlight
18W 1200Lm max
P22-35S-DTW Vortex

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P22-35S-DTW Vortex

3.5" Dim-to-Warm Specification Downlight 18W 1200 Lm Max.

P22 LED Vortex Downlights series is Spec Grade and High-Performance, designed for high-end residential, hospitality, retail, and commercial venues.
Offered in 3.5” Shallow for low plenums, with a Dim-To-Warm option that mimics the smooth diming curve of incandescent lamps, providing 3000K at full brightness and dims to a warm 1800K with no hotspots. The 3.5” Performance delivers 1250LM at 28W. Housings are available for New Construction and Remodel applications.
The Vortex Baffle, with advanced optics, casts a uniform and comfortable light without harsh shadows. Offered in Trim and Trimless. The trimmed features an optional decorative trim ring in contemporary finishes.
Fixtures are built to your exact specifications in our NY and CA facilities, and ship complete, ready to install.

We will build the fixture to your exact specifications in our NY and CA facilities, and ship complete, ready to install.

What is P22?

Light Engine/Baffle Ordering Information

Model CCT/CRI Beam Lens Baffle Baffle Finish Ring Finish
P22-35S – 3.5” Shallow DTW – 3000K-1800K M-NF – 20° LC – Clear3 VDL – Downlight BB – Black    – None
M-WF – 45° LL – Linear VTL – Trimless BW – White RBK – Black
M-VW – 50° LH – Hexcell VRG – Ring BC – Custom² RWH – White
LS – Softening RBR – Brass
LP – Prismatic RCO – Copper
RSN – Satin Nickel
RCT – Custom²

Housing/Frame Ordering Information

Model Housing/Frame Dimming Power Option
P22-35S – 3.5” Shallow NC – New Construction TRI – TRIAC, ELV L210 – 8W EM – Emergency Battery Pack¹
IC – New Construction IC 010 – 0-10V L260 – 10W
DAL – DALI S350 – 14W
CAS – CASAMBI4 S450 – 18W
RM – Remodel EAA5 – eldoLED 0-10V, 1% S350 – 14W
EAB6 – eldoLED 0-10V, 1% S450 – 18W
P22 – P22 Series 1-RM – Remodel Low Watt EDA5– eldoLED DALI2, 1% 210MA-08V – 8W
EDB6 – eldoLED DALI2, 1% 260MA-10V – 10W
SAA5 – eldoLED 0-10V, 0.1%  
SAB6 – eldoLED 0-10V, 0.1%  
SDA5 – eldoLED DALI2, 0.1%  
SDB6 – eldoLED DALI2, 0.1%  

¹ EM is only available with 0-10V dimming. 0-10V control is not required.
² Specify RAL#. Consult factory.
3 Clear Lens is standard.
4 Consult factory for Casambi network design
5 eldoLED logorithmically programmed driver
6 eldoLED linearly programmed driver.

Spec Overview

Input120V AC (TRIAC, ELV)
120V-277V AC (0-10V, DALI)
Wattage8W, 10W, 14W, 18W
CCTs3000K to 1800K
Lumens720Lm (8W), 900Lm (10W),
1200Lm (14W),1200Lm (18W)
DimensionsSee specs
Ceiling Cutout4"Ø
Beam Angle20°, 40°, 50°
DimmingTRIAC, ELV, 0-10V, DALI, CASAMBI, eldoLED
LM8050,000 hours
EnvironmentIndoor - Wet


3.5″ New Construction

3.5″ New Construction
Shallow IC Housing

3.5″ Remodel


Vortex Downlight Round Baffle
Finish: Black, White,
Custom (specify RAL#)

Decorative Ring (optional)
Finish: Black, White, Brass, Copper, Satin Nickel, Custom (specify RAL#)

Round Trim
Finish: Black, White

Trimless Round


Narrow Flood, Wide Flood,
or Very Wide

Clear (standard), Linear, Hexcell, Softening or Prismatic

(sold separately through
a third party)

Emergency Battery Pack
is available for 0-10V dimming