Mini Current Limiter

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Mini Current Limiter
Mini Current Limiter CA Title 24 Compliant

Current Limiters impose an upper limit of load allowed on a track system in order to conform to California Title 24 or local ASHRAE 90.1 requirements.

  • Circuit breakers are installed in our factory eliminating extra labor at the job site.
  • JESCO’s current limiters are available for JESCO Single or Two Circuit track.
  • Once installed the circuit limiter will render the track useless if it and the current limite are separated.
  • If tripped due to overlamping, the circuit breaker is easily reset.
  • Switches may be used for local on/off control.

A current limiter attached to a JESCO track system removes the calculated and inflated watts/foot penalty and instead allows you to select circuit breakers to lock in the designed maximum load and use the unused and very valuable watts elsewhere in your project.

Select one of seven wattage/amperage options for the circuit breakers to best meet your design needs.

The Mini Current Limiter (CLM/CLM-T24) allows for one breaker which controls a single track run.

Current limiters meeting California’s Title 24 code are denoted with a “T24″ at the end of the part number and are shipped with 12” of track permanently attached to the current limiter with tamper-proof screws.

Note: In order to connect a Title 24 approved current limiter with a section of track, a Joiner or Connector Feed must be selected (sold separately).

Ordering Information

System Housing Style Breaker Finish
H1 – H Track System CLM – Mini 0060 – 60W, 0.5A BK – Black
J1 – J Track System CLM-T24 – Mini Title 24 0120 – 120W, 1A WT – White
    0240 – 240W, 2A  
    0360 – 360W, 3A  
    0480 – 480W, 4A  
    0600 – 600W, 5A  
    1200 – 1200W, 10A  


Model System Dimensions
CLM H1 6.65″ L × 1.97″ W × 1.22″ H
  J1 6.5″ L × 1.99″ W × 1.22″ H
CLM-T24 H1 18.65″ L × 1.97″ W × 1.22″ H
  J1 18.5″ L × 1.99″ W × 1.22″ H

Spec Overview

Track SystemsH1, J1
Input120V AC
Breaker Wattage60W, 120W, 240W, 360W, 480W, 600W, 1200W
Breaker Current0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A & 10A
Certificationsc-UL-us, Title 24 (CLM-T24)
EnvironmentIndoor - dry
FinishBlack, White