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1 800 527 7796 (NY)  ●  1 855 654 0110 (LA) info@jescolighting.com Customer Portal

Recessed Downlights

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JESCO’s offers the next generation of Architectural, Commercial and Residential Recessed Downlights:

The Premier Series of specification-grade downlights is completely customizable and aimable. It is available in four application styles – Fixed Downlight, 30° Adjustable, 30° Adjustable Pinhole, and Wall Washer to meet any design requirements. The COB LED downlights are available in either 3 1/2″ or 4″ apertures with round or square trims.

Our new high-performance specification-grade Architectural Downlights in 4″, 6″ and 8″ apertures are designed to meet the demanding needs of commercial and institutional buildings.

The 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″ diameter Commercial and Residential LED Downlights to offer a variety of styles, options, and mounting methods, matched with high-output light engines.

Our new 2020 Recessed Downlight collection introduces a 1″ aperture downlight and much, much more.

We have expanded the Residential line to include 4″ and 6″ Retrofit Modules for previously installed line voltage housings with an Edison-based socket. We also feature a 4″ and 6″ Residential LED fixture for New Construction and Remodel applications that incorporates an Onboard Junction Box, thereby eliminating the bulk and cost of additional housing.

The brand new Indirect Downlight Domes in Round and Square styles provide brilliant light without all that unwanted glare. The LEDs are positioned at the edge of the dome, pointing upward to bounce the smoothly distributed light downward were needed below.

Low and Line Voltage downlights with built-in sockets offering new options such as Sloped Ceiling housings, LED Retrofit Lamps and round and square Die Cast Trims in a multitude of metal finishes.

Besides the categories below you may also select downlights by aperture size: 1″ diameter, 3″ diameter, 4″ diameter, 5″ diameter, 6″  diameter, 8″ diameter