FLEXTILE™ Flexible Static White LED Sheet


FLEXTILE™ Flexible Static White LED Sheet

JESCO Lighting’s FLEXTILE™ is a fully modular flexible LED sheet to backlight displays, lightboxes, showcases, billboards, letters, logos; translucent materials such as acrylic, stone, and glass; or used as a photographic light. FLEXTILE™ can be cut vertically, horizontally or along a 45° angle. A market-leading LED density of 1 every inch with 288 LEDs per 24″ × 12″ sheet. The high pitch of LEDs allows for very close placement of translucent materials thereby saving space and eliminating concerns of hotspots.
JESCO offers FLEXTILE™ in static white with various color temperatures and multiple wattages. The color-tunable version allows for CCT selection from 2700K to 6500K. Blending the output of warm and cool LEDs allows for selecting a color to match the mood or the current functionality of a space. Color tuning also can be done to match circadian rhythm focused design plans. FLEXTILE™ can be used as a photographic light source to dial into any required white light color output.
3M™ double-sided adhesive tape at the back allows for easy installation on straight or curved surfaces. The sheet can also be mounted with nails or a staple gun through the marked circular areas between LEDs. Plug and play power cords, hardwire power cords and connecting cables are available. Simply insert into one of the 12 on-board connectors for power or for board-to-board linking. Wires can also be soldered onto the 4 directional solder pads found around each LED. 0-10V dimmable or Triac dimmable using JESCO Lighting’s dimmable drivers.

Ordering Information

Model Size Watts CCT
DL-FLEX2-TILE 2412 – 24″ × 12″ 20W – 20W 2790 – 2700K 90CRI
    30W – 30W 3590 – 3500K 90CRI
    10W – 10W* 4090 – 4000K 90CRI
    45W – 45W* 6590 – 6500K 90CRI
      3090 – 3000K 90CRI*
      5090 – 5000K 90CRI*

* Custom option. Consult factiry.

Spec Overview

Input24V DC
Wattage 20W / 30W / 10W* / 45W*
CCTs2700K, 3000K*, 3500K, 4000K,
5000K*, 6500K
Lumen @20W2078 Lm @4000K
Lumen @30W2985 Lm @4000K
Beam Angle120°
LED Pitch1" × 1"
Cuttable1" × 1" (1 LED)
Dimensions24" L × 12" W × ⅛" H
DimmingTRIAC, 0-10V, RF Control
EnvironmentIndoor - dry
* Custom option. Consult factiry.

Accessories & Connectors

Plug and play power cord
12″ cable length

Hardwire power cord
12″ cable length

Connecting cable
Length: 3″, 12″